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Marcelo Ozawa

Technical Director

Delta Ducon

Marcelo Ozawa

Professional qualification

30 years as experience in execution and Management of projects for environmental control equipments as Electrostatics Precipitators (Dry type, top rapping and side rotating type for several applications), bag filters (pulse jet type) and Flue Gas Desulfurization system (Dry CFB using hydrated lime, Semi dry with rotary atomizers and lime slurry).

Three years of work in Japan (Kobe City, 1990-1993) in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) for study of ElectroStatic Precipitator (ESP) area.

Speaker and author of several technical papers about the environmental control equipment for gases (Power Gen, ICESP, ABM, etc).

Author of patent (number A1003316-5 A2 of INPI, Brazilian Patent news) of gases mixing device re-using the hot gases from the sinter cooler machine.

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