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Gabriel Noboa

Senior Technical Support

Glass Service (in the Americas)

Gabriel Noboa

Model predictive Control in glass furnaces is becoming standard and may become a necessity in the future.

Gabriel Noboa has worked in the glass industry for the last twenty years. Holding positions as Combustion engineer, project engineer, sales engineer, Latin America Regional manager & Market development leader in companies such as Combustion tec., Eclipse Inc., Honeywell and currently with Glass Service from Czech Republic as a Sr. Sales & Technical support for the Americas.

Gabriel has worked in projects in all types of glass furnaces such as regenerative, Oxy-fuel that produce all types of glass as container, Flat glass, fiber and table ware all over the America continent. He joined Glass Service from the Czech Republic because "Glass Service emphasis in this industry is outstanding and GS is a supplier of unique, creative products & services to the glass industry. plus, the most advance and proven software to control glass furnaces in the world with more than 200 furnace installations".

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