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Rüdiger Nebel


Rüdiger Nebel


Degree in materials engineering at the University of Clausthal.

Joined N. SORG GmbH & Co. KG in 1996 and worked in various positions including:

  • R&D
  • Engineering Department for technical layouts and commissioning
  • General Manager of our Chinese subsidiary
  • Manager of the electric melting department
  • Sales including North and South America.

Rüdiger is happily married and his primary hobby is raising his two kids.

Abstract - Improvements to the SORG 340S

This paper will present and highlight recent improvements made to the SORG 340S forehearth. This is a system that has been successfully implemented 270 times to date and is a standard for mass produced glass containers around the globe.
The new 340S+ is a further development to meet even more stringent customer glass conditioning demands.
Improvements are not limited to operations. The system has been redesigned for easier construction and heatup. This is made possible through modifications to the superstructure and steel bracing that allow for installation savings.
A new cooling design allows us to reduce the number of fans thus lowering operating and investment costs.
In addition to the currently available options, the 340S+ superstructure allows for optional top electrodes in the equalizing section which can be installed and removed on the fly. This offers more flexibility and higher homogeneity when melting colored glass. This also eliminates the need for having sidewall electrodes in the glass during the entire campaign when they are only needed occasionally.
The most recent operational results will be presented as well.

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