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Roy Clarkson

Regional Sales Director

Sheppee International

Roy Clarkson


With a career spanning 25 years in glass I come from a family with five generations in the bottle making industry. I have a sincere and dedicated passion for glass.

Starting my career as a mechanical engineer for Glasmec, I specialised in IS machine repair and rebuild, subsequently working for Allied Glass Containers Ltd. as a hot end engineer. In 2004 an opportunity arose at Sheppee International Ltd. where I was able to utilize my experience and knowledge as a Technical Sales Engineer.

Graduating in 2015 with a MBA in Business Administration I gained the position of Regional Sales Director for the America’s, serving this vibrant and dynamic industry.

Abstract - The increasing demands of high speed ware handling

As the drive to light weight glass containers continues, combined with the introduction of larger and faster production lines, the focus on achieving precise hot end ware handling has never been more critical as modern production speeds pushes ware handling to the limit.

The question is becoming less of how many containers can be formed per minute, but how glass container producers can actually handle so many containers.

 With such a reliance on ware handling for the progression of glass container production the glass industry is looking to the ware handling experts for the solutions to make the seemingly impossible achievable.

Such rapid growth with in the industry and the expansion of new facilities inevitably leads to large-scale recruitment drives with talent shortages presenting a significant problem for glass manufacturers.

The production process requires operatives to have a good insight in to this complex process to achieve the efficiencies demanded on the manufacturer. Therefore the importance of removing human error from a process is elevated further when designers look at new innovations and the way we do things.

In 2016 at the Glasstec trade show in Dusseldorf, Sheppee International Ltd. launched the ‘ITS-1000’ an Integrated Transfer System designed to not only enhance and increase glass container production, but also to reduce and eliminate human error in the functionality and the set up of the equipment.

Since the introduction of the ITS ware handling system production facilities have reported significant increases in production efficiencies with out the need for intense training of personnel.

For over 60 years Sheppee International Ltd. has been at the forefront of ware handling innovation and design, continually working closely with industry partners to achieve new alternatives that will enhance glass container production and future proof our process.


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