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Eleonora Bordini

Product Manager


Eleonora Bordini

Eleonora Bordini graduated in Electronic Engineering, at the University of Bologna, in 1994 and she obtained a Master in Business Administration, at Bologna Business School, in 2002. 

Just after graduation, she got a scholarship in parallel computing on supercomputers at Cineca, the largest Italian computing center and one of the most important worldwide.

Then she worked for a machine tool manufacturing company, where she was responsible for machinery safety compliance (CE marking), training to customers and certification in accordance to quality management systems standards (ISO 9000).

She joined Marposs in 1996, as Intellectual Property specialist.

Later she was appointed Product Manager for the Glass Industry. In this position, she initially developed the car glazing market and related products, including optical contactless sensors, acquiring and consolidating the business with customers like Saint Gobain Sekurit, Fuyao, AGC, NSG, PGW and others.

Subsequently, she was in charge for the development of other new markets like Glass Containers and Solar Energy ones.

She is currently fully committed, as Product and Market Manager, to Glass Containers market.

Abstract - How to enhance quality standards and real-time communication in glass containers manufacturing

Marposs, founded in 1952, is a leader in precision equipment for measurement and control in the production environment and is present, in 34 countries, with its own sales and service organization employing  3.250 people. 

Marposs products, irrespective of the target market sector,  have the purpose to provide real-time, accurate information, in order to improve customers’ products quality and process efficiency.

Served markets include Automotive, Aerospace, Glass, Medical, Consumer Electronics.

Glass Containers market was approached and developed, in the last 10 years , with different products/technologies.

Marposs offers, for Glass Containers inspection, include manual reconfigurable solutions, using contact sensors (Quick Set), and automatic flexible solutions (VisiQuick), mainly based on non-contact technology, to be used in the laboratory or near the production line.

Quick Set is a reconfigurable bench for the inspection of:

  • External diameters;
  • Straightness of the labelling area.

It is widely used for the inspection of beer bottles, including those using “no-label look” labels, where the inspection of the external profile is particularly important.

VisiQuick is a flexible and modular machine, with automatic loading/unloading, that can include several measuring stations to carry out, the following controls on containers:

  • External dimensions on body neck and finish, height, verticality, bent neck;
  • Internal mouth diameter and profile;
  • Weight;
  • Push-up;
  • Glass thickness

VisiQuick can measure, without job change, any kind of container (any shape, any color).

Several units of VisiQuick machines are installed at the major glass containers manufacturing plants.

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