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Benjamin Köster


Benjamin Köster became CEO of the Hotwork International Group in the year 2013. He managed the company Hotwork International since 2004 and purchased the company out of the hands of his father, the founder of former Hotwork Köster, turning it into an international group with 8 companies and representations in over 30 countries as well as over 150 employees worldwide as of the year 2017.

Benjamin Köster grew into this family business developing a real passion for the industry Hotwork is active in. Educated in private schools for business and economics, he had the right foundation in marketing, logistics as well as strategic company development for tasks to come. Since he started actively working for Hotwork, Benjamin Köster has been doing some years of on site work to better understand all technical aspects of the job and lived in Asia for about 2 years before settling in Switzerland to serve in the head office.

His involvement in various Research and Development projects such as Flame Oxidation Burner for the glass industry and the roof burner for non-ferrous applications led to further innovations. When not busy with the business, he is busy family man for his wife and 2 children, which leaves him with little time for another passion, the beer brewing.

Abstract - Regenerator Repair without production loss, possible?

What if an unexpected, but major regenerator problem occurs? Which options are available, allowing to repair the regenerator and return to full production as soon as possible? How can you avoid losing month of production if there is no refractory available? Often regenerator problems can occur unexpected, thus a fast and reliable emergency solution is required, is it at all possible?
Various options are being discussed within this talk, giving end users an overview of proven technologies for the repair of regenerators (partial and full) with and without production loss. Besides the technology we focus also on the economics and feasibility of the repair method. 


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