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In the early 1950s Carl Strutz Sr., a German immigrant and his two sons, Frank and Carl Jr. began operation of a small machine shop near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They provided customers with job shop machining and custom assembly services. The company incorporated in 1953.

Their involvement in the glass industry began when a local glass factory contracted them to build a special machine to print labels on glass beverage bottles. The collaboration yielded the first STRUTZ glass decorating machine. It was a semi-automatic screen decorator, requiring the operator to manually load a glass container onto the machine. Labels were transferred onto the container's surface through an ink filled screen tray bearing a graphic design. Image quality depended on how well the label design could be transferred onto the glass container without smearing or smudging, and with good color-to-color registration. Sharp images depended on precise synchronization between the glass container and the screen. This remains the key to high quality images that STRUTZ machines produce today. 

In the early 1960s, Strutz developed the CS100, the first STRUTZ automatic glass decorator. It operated with other machines in a glass factory using a system of interconnected conveyors. Glass bottles were loaded onto the automatic decorating machine from a conveyor, screen decorated in multiple colors, and then unloaded onto another conveyor. Speeds exceeding 100 bottles per minute could be achieved using this process. 

Todays STRUTZ glass decorators can operate at speeds up to 200 bottles per minute and can decorate bottles in four colors with excellent color-to-color registration. The level of performance and quality found in our decorators are not available on any other glass decorator product in the world. Additionally, we offer six color, high speed tumbler decorators capable of speeds of 75 bottles per minute; lehr cross conveyors; single liners; stackers and specialty container decorators. We even offer an improved version of the original semi-automatic decorator that revolutionized the glass industry in the early days of the company's history. 

Today, Strutz International is still owned and operated by members of the Strutz family.  Our decorators are machined and assembled by experienced craftsmen as they were over 50 years ago. We continue to progress as the world leader in the glass decorating industry through our commitment to our customers and by the quality of our machines. 

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John M. Zwigart
440 Mars-Valencia Road
Mars, PA 16046 U.S.A.
United States

Phone: 724-625-1501

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Decorating equipment, hollow glass

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