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Family owned company, founded in 1983, ROSS INTERNATIONAL is a global supplier of glass mould equipment, Engineering Services and special and commercial tools
We integrate and foster synergies between associated companies to be a global leader in glass mould manufacturing. We are currently developing proprietary technologies that are unparalleled in the glass mould industry. With 800+ employees in 4 continents we are looking to disrupt the glass container industry.
To stake out a differentiated market position as the design, technology, quality and delivery leader with unsurpassed speed to market in the mould equipment space for highly decorated glass containers.
Company policies
• Provide products and services that meet the requirements of customers.
• Improve quality, safety and the preservation of the environment.
• Manage of risks, prevent injuries, diseases, and implement environmental controls that comply with legal requirements applicable.
Company values
• Transparency. Fairness. Loyalty. Gratefulness. Hard work.
• Have the right people, respect them, empower them and be a team.
• Confront facts and plan accordingly.
• Recognize and develop our competitive advantages.
• Discipline for sustainable results.
• Use technology carefully selected as an accelerator.

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See Moldes Medellin Ltda
United Kingdom


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