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Glass Service (GS), headquartered in the Czech Republic with offices in the Netherlands, U.S.A, China and Slovakia, is a leading consultant in the field of glass melting, furnace control, operation, troubleshooting, and optimizing furnace designs.

GS programmers have developed in-house mathematical modeling software enabling the optimization of glass melting and combustion processes in glass furnaces and forehearths. More than 700 different projects have been completed using GS software. Presently a new version of furnace modeling software (GFM 5.0) is being developed. GFM 5.0 uses a new generation of non-orthogonal mesh which enables proper representation of all geometric features and local refinement. 

GS has its own laboratory for glass defect analysis and analyzes more than 2,000 defects yearly.  Additional testing capabilities utilize basic and applied research in the field of glass melting,

GS has invested considerable effort into developing a new technology called a “Supervisory Advanced Control System” using our proprietary software known as the Expert System - ESIIITM. More than 155 installations have been successfully deployed worldwide.

GS supplies high quality selected raw materials to the glass industry.

Contact Details

Erik Muijsenberg
Rokytnice 60,
755 01
Czech Republic

Phone: 420 571 412 626

Product categories

Control systems, hot end • Control systems, melting • Engineering/plant design services • Feeder mechanisms • Forehearth assemblies

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