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CNUD-EFCO International is the world's number one in Annealing lehr and tin bath solutions.


Since 1957 we have built over 900 glass production lines for all of the leading glass manufacturers. Since we have opened-up our metal construction facilities for general and civil projects we have conducted several projects in a broad range of industries.


CNUD-EFCO international is part of the BMT group. BMT Group is an industrial, family-owned holding company with a glass and a gearwheel division, with various companies that are global market leaders


Last year CNUD-EFCO International has signed a financial participation agreement with the owner of GFT. GFT is a highly reliable partner recognized for implementing improvements in float glass and cover glass production processes. GFT has several breakthrough innovations and patents to its name.



Contact Details

Robert Lamy
Noorderlaan 30
1731 Zellik

Phone: +32 2 481 88 00

Product categories

Annealing lehrs/kilns • Lehrs, annealing/decorating • Process control equipment • Technical assistance/training

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