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Susan Hansen

Global Strategist - F&A Supply Chains


Susan Hansen


As the Global Strategist for F&A Supply Chains, Susan Hansen is responsible for developing Rabobank’s global research portfolio and sector expertise related to food packaging and food logistics. Food packaging spans all relevant packaging materials including metal, glass, corrugated paper, folding carton and plastics, while Food logistics mainly covers cold chains and food distribution. Food waste and sustainability are currently hot themes in Susan’s sector research.

Susan and her eight-person, globally operating, team is part of the RaboResearch Food&Agribusiness network of close to 90 analysts worldwide. The analysts are experts in various fields; covering the whole food value chain from farmer to retail, as part of Rabobank’s Banking for Food strategy.

The expertise of Susan and her team is used to support strategic dialogues between Rabobank and our clients; to help identify risks and opportunities in the specific sectors, and to promote Rabobank as a thought leader in this field.

Abstract - Which packaging is ticking all the boxes?

What are the key drivers for packaging and how is that impacting demand for glass packaging? What is happening worldwide in terms of regulation, consumer pressure and strategies of major food and beverage brands in relation to sustainable packaging? And how is this ongoing debate about sustainable packaging and the plastic soup impacting the glass packaging sector? What kind of challenges and opportunities might this bring to the industry? These are some of the questions that will answered in the presentation by Susan Hansen that will also provide insight into why the use of plastic packaging is still growing, despite the enormous headwind this material is currently facing.

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