Steve Whettingsteel

CEO & Managing Director

Krysteline Technologies


Steve Whettingsteel is founder and CEO of Krysteline Technologies Ltd, developer of specialised engineered solutions for the waste management sector, particularly in the recovery and refinement of glass.

In the 1990s Steve was working as a marine engineer on cruise ships, there was an urgent need to change and develop the way glass recycling was being handled onboard. This led to him developing “glass implosion”, the unique, patented technology behind Krysteline’s machinery.

Since its formation in 1999 Krysteline has been exporting, with machines being sold around the world. Early customers including; the British Antarctic Survey, a laboratory in the Falkland Islands, super yachts, hotels and pharmaceutical companies.

Fast forward 20+ years and thanks to years of ongoing investment in research and development Krysteline has also developed an enviable reputation for high quality refined glass suitable for cullet, cement, foam glass, fertilizers, water filtration and expendable abrasives.

Abstract: Developing a Sustainable Glass Recycling System

We will look at the long chain CO2 cost of the current glass recycling system and how innovation and progressive thinking is developing a clearer strategy for glass recycling, one focused on low CO2 solutions and maximising glass recovery, recycling and reuse.

A system based on glass location, type, quality and market options, while understanding the complexities and market dynamics, will establish a fair and logical approach for improving cullet quality and quantity, and therefore increase revenue and investment opportunities of glass historically landfilled or used in low value markets.

Steve Whettingsteel will be speaking at the following sessions.

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