Juan S. Farias

Managing Director



- Born 1965 in Monterrey, Mx
- 1987 Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Monterrey Institute of Technology (Monterrey, Mexico).
- 1994 MBA from Monterrey Institute if Technology (Monterrey, Mexico).
- 1997 MSSTC (Master in Science and Technology Commercialization) from University of Texas (UT) at Austin, Tx USA.
- Started working at Vitro in 1988 (31 years of experience in the Glass Industry).
- During that time occupied different positions, primarily in Vitro’s Glass Container Business Unit.
- Most relevant positions are: 1992 to 1996 Quality Control Manager @Monterrey Glass Container Plant; 1997 to 2000 General Plant Manager @Mexicali Glass Container Plant; 2000-2003 Finish Product Manager @Vitro Glass Container Tech Center; 2003 to 2009 General Manager @Vitro Glass Container Tech Center; 2009 to 2015 Technology and Fabricacion de Maquinas Director @ Vitro Glass Container Business Unit; 2015 to date Managing Director Fabricacion de Maquinas (Fama) a Vitro Subsidiary.

Abstract - Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Glass Manufacturing

There is no doubt that the fourth Industrial Revolution is well on its way. The conjunction of manufacturing + IT is a reality for the first time. The facts are real, in the US alone IoT could improve productivity by 40% in the next 15 years. The factories of the future will combine mass production efficiency with custom manufacturing and as a result will optimize the supply chain in real time.

At the same time, machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming a real thing. The challenge is how we transform data into an intelligent action. Every day thousand of use-full data are generated in a glass plant, but what is done with them, today not enough action is taken.

The potential impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning in glass manufacturing is endless, we can maximize efficiency of all our production resources, minimize unplanned production downtime and scrap, improve quality and reduce costs.

The blending of the digital and physical world is real, not something that we saw at the movies some years ago. The question is what are we planning to do?

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