Gianluca Cera

Melting, Energy & Automation Manage

BDF Industries


Gianluca Cera is a global technical leader with experience developing and implementing strategic glass initiatives with a focus on cost reduction and process improvement while maintaining customer quality and service. Gianluca Cera has a passion for creating competitive positions, optimizing market awareness, and increasing financial performance worldwide while developing and maintaining an outstanding reputation for quality and customer service.


Today we are glad to introduce you our new equipment's that allow us to have full control of the glass forming process. This is due to the conjunction ring with the Melting Division and thanks to Panorama, a software is able to provide a real time status and the management of both the furnace and the IS Machine. These devices provides information about consumptions, performances and working conditions of machines. More importantly, these tools allows to know about the data's process, but also to calibrate and adjust the machine operations to achieve efficiency levels never reached before, moreover they give to customer the possibility to know the exact consumption levels of the specific technical configuration of the machine that the client is using.

These equipment's are the perfect fundamentals to collect data's to implement energy-saving strategies.

Gianluca Cera will be speaking at the following sessions.

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