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How to use QC Lab technology in a production environment

Wednesday 18th September 12:25 - 12:45

Glass containers manufacturers can monitor their production, at the cold-end, in different ways:

  • periodically bring a batch of containers taken from the line in the quality control laboratory, for an accurate measurement with a sampling gauging machine
  • install, near each manufacturing line, a gauging table with go-no go gauges.

The second approach, allows to timely detect production problems, without waiting the results of the measurements performed in the laboratory. Anyway, a control carried out with hard gauges, has many drawbacks. In particular, it does not allow to collect data, perform statistical analysis and identify process deviations and trends.

Marposs illustrates how QC lab technology can be brought to the production environment.

Speaker: Eleonora Bordini, International Industry Manager at Marposs

How to use QC Lab technology in a production environment

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