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Vidromecanica manufactures equipments for the glass industry since 1984. Development, design & manufacture of machinery and development of the control system for the glass production lines is handled by our specialists. In close cooperation with our customers and glass industry businesses, we are engaged in the development of individually tailor-made high performance machines. We have shpplied over 1000 machines in 60+ countries.

Vidromecanica's main equipments are: Annealing and decorating lehrs, Belt tempering lines for tableware, Spindles toughening lines for stemware, Chemical tempering machines, Special glass thermal treatment ovens, Moulds pre-heating kilns, Servo-stackers, Hot-end coating hoods, Cold-end coating spraying systems, Thermal Shock Machine, Scraper conveyors, Cullet crushers, Cullet processing plants.

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Ricardo Barreto
Rua Central Nº22
2430-017 Marinha Grande

Phone: +351 244 555 060

Product categories

Annealing lehrs/kilns • Coatings, hot/cold end • Cullet handling systems • Decorating equipment, hollow glass • Lehr loaders/unloaders

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