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Founded in 1986, Tecno5 designs, produces and installs a wide selection of direct screen-printing machines for all kinds of hollow-glassware ranging from classic tableware to the most sophisticated spirits and cosmetic containers. The range covers semiautomatic to fully automatic CNC servo-controlled machines and also includes a vast selection of complementary equipment such as Lehr loaders, feeding tables, conveyors, enamel heating devices, UV equipment, vision systems for pre-positioning and many more.

Our 33 years of experience in the field have refined our machines to the extent that they are highly flexible and offer very low time & cost related maintenance.  They offer excellent colour to colour registration and contain the best mechanical and electronic components available on the market. This equates to long lasting, affordable and thoroughly reliable equipment.

Tecno5 is now a fully integrated part of Cerve S.p.A., a leading Italian decorating company founded in 1953 producing up to 2 million pieces per day in several plants throughout Italy. All our factories use Tecno5 equipment giving them 66 years of practical experience and know-how in both screen-printing and machine engineering. 

Tecno5's success is founded on concepts such as customer care and bespoke technical solutions. We offer not only a flexible, highly qualified customer service but also a prompt worldwide assistance that covers most aspects of the screen printing process. 

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Via Micheli 13
43056 - San Polo di Torrile (PR)

Phone: +39 0521 3172233 M +39 349 7580672

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Decorating equipment, hollow glass

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