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Ramsey Silent Chain. Ramsey is a worldwide leading manufacturer of silent chains (inverted tooth chains) for conveying and power transmission applications. Ramsey offers the world’s widest range of top quality silent chain products, the highest level of service, and competitive prices. Ramsey works with glass manufacturers in every part of the world, providing conveyor chains that can run at faster speeds, operate more smoothly, and deliver longer life than ever before.

New Products: Ramsey All-Steel Chains are wear protected chains made from 100% steel. Unlike other chains which use head protector links made from pressed metal and are susceptible to cracking, All-Steel chains use guard links made from 100% hardened, alloy steel. They will not crack under pressure.

Other Unique Products: Lifeguard Wear Protected Chains, with three US patents and a European patent, and Allguard FX feature recessed pin heads for maximum wear protection. R-Select, with highly wear resistant chromium alloy links only in the parts of the chain that wear the most, holds a US patent. Sentry chains combine the best features of Ramsey’s established wear protected chains with features developed for high speed power transmission chain. Ramsey’s RKO tool provides for easy connection and disconnection of Wear Protected chains and holds a US and a European patent. Other industry favourites: Ultralife and RPV silent chain exemplify Ramsey’s focus on developing conveying chain products that serve the exacting requirements of glass production. Visit our stand to learn more about our chains.

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David Holcomb
135 Performance Dr.
Belmont, NC 28012
United States

Phone: 704-394-0322

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Container forming machinery/components • Handling equipment, hot end

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