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PICVISA Machine Vision Systems, S.L. is an innovative SME with a technological base, specialized in machine vision technology and manufacturing optical sorting equipment.

The company offers solutions for GLASS recycling  and reprocessing  using optical sorting technologies.

More than 15 years experience in the European markets, in the US and in Brazil.

The technology developed by PICVISA  can also be used for plastic, paper and metal separation.

The company has been awarded a major European grant under the R & D program H2020 for the development of artificial vision solutions for the extraction of glass contained in municipal solid waste. Therefore, the installation of its continuous material recycling test line has been recently completed, which allows to improve and confirm recovery rates in individual material streams or mixed streams, such as MSW.

Contact Details

c/Isaac Newton, 2
08280 Calaf (Bacelona)

Phone: +34 93 801 7610

Product categories

Batch plant • Cullet handling systems • Engineering/plant design services • Raw materials • Turnkey glass plant construction

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