Olimerk Makina

Stand E11

Olimerk Makina was established in year 2007 and based in Istanbul Turkey.

It is a company of Olivotto Glass Technologies corporate (leading company in the production of machines and equipment for tableware, technical glass and pharma tubing).

Starting from the year of its establishing, Olimerk expands its business over the years thanks to many different ranges of products and services.

Equipment and semi-automatic machines: linear and rotary fire polisher, belt conveyor, push bar stackers, transfer systems, semi-automatic spinning and many others.

Technical assistance service of experts specialized in the commissioning and optimization of

new and existing production lines: automatic pressing forming Press, press & blow forming,

Stemware (two pieces and one piece), Spinning machines and others.

Design and sales of molds and production equipment for different types of machines and the most common existing process used in tableware and technical glass fields.

Olimerk and its subsequent growths have always been addressed to the final customer production needs.

When a customer, who has production difficulties or just needs to improve its efficiency, Olimerk is able to offer a turnkey production support service. Starting from a technical audit of existing production conditions, through a study of the equipment,(design and materials) used for the production up to a training and support to the production staff.

Olimerk is able to provide a service aimed to satisfying specific production needs of the final producer such as: production of a new items, thanks to the design and supply of production equipment; production tests for any new items (samples) or more simply production improvements of a specific product through the support of Olimerk production experts.

Advice on article weights, production speeds and equipment sizes suitable for a specific

item are also part of the know-how and services offered by the Olimerk.

Olimerk Makina, a solution-oriented company able and capable to incorporate advanced glass-

machinery, glass-production and mold knowledge.

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