Hunprenco Ltd

Stand C18

Hunprenco has worked closely with glass container companies to develop material and production methods to assist the glass industry in its delivery of increased efficiency, reduction in downtime and improved environment friendly quality containers.

Hunprenco plungers are manufactured with various coatings depending on customer preference, applied using state of the art robotic technology to ensure a uniform, dense coating.

In 1999 Hunprenco began to supply cooling tubes to customers to the same high standard and quality as the plungers.

Cooling tubes for both NNPB and Standard Press/Blow production are produced on CNC machines. Tube coolers are swaged to meet customer requirements for profile and accuracy, swaging dies manufactured in-house deliver a wide range of tube sizes in both mild steel and stainless steel.

A certificate of conformity is issued with all goods dispatched so you can be sure of the quality.

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