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HORN Glass Industries AG

At its location in Plößberg, Germany, HORN Glass Industries AG plans and builds glass melting technology and turn-key plants for the float and container glass industry. The high-performance glass melting furnaces and turn-key plants are delivered to glass manufacturers all over the world and serve the production of beverages bottles, food containers, drinking glasses, window panes, automotive glass, glass tubes, glass fibrers or special glass.

With more than 130 years of expertise in the construction of glass melting furnaces Horn is well known as specialist and expert in the glass industry. However, over many years HORN has continued to extend its capabilities and has grown from being a glass melting furnace builder into one of the leaders of the industry in technological plants. Subsidiary companies in China, Malaysia, India, Croatia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic add value e.g. proximity and short response time to global customers. Almost 80% of the products are exported from Plößberg, located in Upper Palatinate Bavaria, to more than 61 countries worldwide. HORN offers its customers full support and a helping hand at all times. Due to a very high level of vertical integration of all products HORN is able to propose tailor-made solutions and at the same time has ventured into unknown areas, e.g. in the construction of their own tin baths and associated equipment. HORN manufactures a large number of products in its own workshop in Plößberg. Here are some examples:

Control cabinets and SCADA systems

Glass level control equipment

Tin Baths

Batch chargers


Gas, oxygen and heavy oil heating for melting furnaces

Tin bathing equipment such as top roller, pusher, flags


Dorss box

Shield gas supply stations

HORN is the service provider for the realization of customer visions and projects in the field of glass and supports its customers from the first draft through the implementation process, to permanent production support on site. 

Contact Details

Sebastian Hecht
Bergstrasse 2
95703 Ploessberg

Phone: 096369204142

Product categories

Annealing lehrs/kilns • Batch chargers • Melting furnaces • Plant utilities • Turnkey glass plant construction

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