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Fluorital is a dynamic, family owned company with its main plant located in Italy near Venice.

With more than 30 years of experience in the research and production of organic paints and silk-screen inks for glass decoration, Fluorital produces different types of spray paints, roller varnishes, and screen printing inks, UV-curable and solvent-based inks. 

The application fields of its products include perfume and cosmetic packaging, wine and spirit bottles, tableware, flat glass for furniture and interiors, and lighting glass.

All products are heavy metal free, and can be applied directly onto glass, as they do not require any primer.

All products are curable at low temperature or with UV lamps, enabling important energy savings.

The resistance of Fluorital’s products to the most severe tests required in the different market fields makes them the top reference on the market.

Fluorital invests considerable resources in Research and in its laboratories; beside the continuous update of more consolidated products, research is aimed at developing new finishings and products with even more efficient resistance, and environmentally friendly characteristics. 

Currently, as an alternative to vacuum metallization, Fluorital is introducing a simple, low temperature spray metallization process that can be run on most standard decoration lines.

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17 Avenue Du Superbe Orénoque
Village d’Entreprises Jules Verne II
80440 Boves


Phone: +39 0422.919203-04

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Coatings, hot/cold end

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