EME is a world-leading batch and cullet treatment systems specialist. After more than a century of improving batch plants using tailored solutions and the best technology available, we are a customer-centric partner dedicated to designing, constructing and improving batch and cullet plants using the best technology available. Since 1987 EME is an integral part of the wider SORG Group.


EME has the perfect solution for glassmakers looking to use state-of-the-art technologies in their process, from batch plants, cullet handling and batch charging, to machinery, special applications and automation.


We deliver tailored processes and technologies, upgrade batch plants and supply comprehensive and straightforward software to allow our partners to have a competitive advantage and produce the best batch globally.

Lifetime Support

To keep batch plants efficient and reduce maintenance requirements EME offers its customers lifetime support, including technical assistance, parts, training, audits, condition monitoring and performance optimisation.


Having designed, commissioned and supported some 250 glass production facilities across the world, we are committed to delivering batch plants that perform and endure like no other.


For over a century we have thrived by creating pioneering technologies and innovations in the design and engineering of batch preparation plants, cullet handling equipment and batch charging technology.

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