Condat Lubrifiants SAS

Stand H8

Condat is an independent company with international presence, specializing in the field of industrial lubrication. For over 160 years, it has adapted its products to the specific needs of each market (drawing, cold heading, metal working, glass industry…) and has developed a wide range of soaps, greases, oils,… CONDAT lubricant range is recognized on the glass industry market, in particular for its wide range of lubricants. The company covers all glass processing needs, from glass container, flat glass to optical glass. It offers among others : shear spray oils, scoop oils, delivery coatings, graphited varnish for mold lubrication, graphite and graphite-free Swabbing mold compounds, IS machine maintenance oils and also float cutting oils, coolants cutting oils, flocculants for water treatment. CONDAT provides also lubricants for the maintenance of equipment such as hydraulic oils and greases, and suitable equipment to ease implementation of lubricants such as dosing equipment.

Among others, discover CONDAT wide range of swabbing greases that fits all needs of lubrication between the blank, the neck ring and the finish molds : from graphite lubricants to lower graphited greases and even white swabbings.

On Glassman Istanbul Show, CONDAT company will exhibit with its local partner in Istanbul : Lubpart company / Baris MUSKARA / Téléphone : (90) 216 999 96 86

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