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Europe’s largest container glass manufacturers attend the Glassman Europe events, with European manufacturers joined by visitors from glassmaking facilities around Europe.

The Turkish glass industry is currently enjoying an unprecedented surge in demand. Thanks to its strategic geographic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and its proximity to the Middle East and Africa as well as its access to raw materials Turkish glass is in demand like never before.

All sectors of glassmaking are covered by the domestic industry: container, flat tableware and speciality glass. Its largest glass company, Sisecam, has entered a new phase of global expansion with recently announced facilities in Europe and raw material acquisitions in the USA alongside its established presence in Turkey and eastern Europe.

Alongside Sisecam are relative newcomers Ciner Glass, Gurallar Cam Amballage and Basturk Cam which have increased their presence on the global stage. The Turkish glass industry looks set to expand even further with Ciner Glass’s new glass facility in the UK set to start in 2024 as well as plans for a new plant in Belgium.


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