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Xuqing Xie

AGC Ceramics

Xuqing Xie

Xuqing Xie studied abroad in Japan from 2002, graduated and joined AGC Ceramics Co., Ltd. Japan in 2007. At first Xuqing was responsible for the development of refractory materials and technical services for the glass sector. 

Xuqing was also involved in the design and the operation of various glass furnaces. In 2011, he presented the title on the refractories material selection for the superstructure of glass furnace at the Unitecr, and also shared several research results through lectures and sessions of the Japan Refractories Association.

In recent years, Xuqing has been concentrating on the design and construction of the world's most advanced glass furnace. From 2012, the management policy of AGC Ceramics group is “Earth Saving 2025”. They are striving to provide customers with advanced high quality materials and unique engineering solutions from two aspects, which are “Energy Saving” and “Resource Saving”, especially in the glass field because they are offering "Eco-Lead Furnace" to the world.

"Eco-Lead Furnace" is a compilation of glass engineering technologies over 40 years by AGC. Inheriting AGC’s long-standing engineering experience and optimizing "Eco-Lead Furnace" according to various customers’ requests.


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