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Paul Schreuders


Paul Schreuders, 53, married and father of 4 boys. Since 2007, Paul has been the CEO of Xpar Vision. Passionate for glass and it’s challenges. Master degree in Industrial Engineering and Organizational Science (1992). Before XPAR almost 15 years employed by Dutch MNC active in the field of starches and starches derivatives for applications food, paper, textile, adhesives, oil. In this company various management roles in both Europe and Asia in the fields of logistics/supply chain and sales/marketing/application research for Foods.

Abstract - Container Glass Forming in 2020/2025: the dark factory

Big challenges for the container glass industry today are related to the competitiveness with other packaging materials and human dependency and aging labor. In operational terms this means producing lighter and stronger bottles with less waste and thus more energy efficient with high reproducibility and thus predictability.

In order to beat these challenges a focus on hot end forming is a necessity. With a focus on hot end forming and applying hot end forming solutions as sensors, closed loops and robotics our industry will be able to do 20-25%-30% better than today and becomes more competitive and less dependent on humans in the meantime.

The paper / presentation is non-commercial (general) and will be ingredient for sharing and discussing ideas/vision amongst manufacturers and suppliers for doing much better than today.

Based on 20 years of experience in the field and being a market leader for hot end forming solutions like sensors, close loops and robotics I share our view on container glass forming in 2020/2025: the dark factory. On the roadmap towards this dark factory every sensor, closed loop or robot function might have a function, but not per se a value. 

Within the paper / presentation I’ll try to dig into this a bit more, and deliver at least good food for thought and shaping our own future.

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