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Jean Luc Logel


IRIS Inspection Machines

Jean Luc Logel

Abstract: Increasing productivity and  quality in a 4.0 Glassplant: opportunities and threats

The so called 4.0 digital era is full of promises for the Glass indutry. IRIS Inspection Machines together with other  suppliers of the hollow ware industry has defined a vision of the Glass Plant of the future. This vision requires not only a leading technology  at an operational level in term of precision of detection, fault identification and container tracking, but also a great  openness to communicate and  process information in real time. One of the biggest challenges is to be able to provide reliable and valable data from line thanks to intelligent inspection machines, able to predict the evolution of the glass quality and so identify proactively actions to  improve it. It’s only in this condition that glass makers will  meet the expectations of the bottling industry and  achieve their goal of productivity and quality.


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