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Heye Glass Forming and Inspection – Smart Technology at its Best

Wednesday 26th February 10:30 - 10:50

Digitisation has been responsible for delivering many innovative and impressive changes to our lives, almost on a daily basis. Realistically, however, who can really claim to be totally ‘smart’ and completely in control in this new era? The extent of smart networking and Industry 4.0 solutions is developing so quickly that it can be difficult to keep up. But this is exactly the path we all are committed to following!

Heye is embracing Industry 4.0’s state-of-the-art developments for the world of glass in the same way we did when inventing the NNPB-process 50 years ago. The focus is on vertical information networks within a glass plant but also on the cross-production value chain. Important elements are the intelligent use of sensor technology as well as the combination of robotics with extended safety standards in order to establish reliable closed loops within the machinery and equipment.

The development of innovative technical solutions for the gob and container analysis, automatic swabbing and temperature measurement as well as regulation are some of the key milestones on Heye’s roadmap for the future digitalization. These developments will make life easier for glass plant operators and managers. Job safety, performance increase and profit maximization are the main results. The individual marking and tracking of glass container, active communication between forming and inspection area as well as holistic plant data management systems complete the new frontiers of the glass forming, inspection and machine management development.

Speaker: Gregory Lecat, Sales Director, Asia & Middle East at Heye International

Heye Glass Forming and Inspection – Smart Technology at its Best

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