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Are you ready for Industry 4.0?

Wednesday 26th February 12:20 - 12:40

The success of Industry 4.0 is contingent on the accuracy, reliability, repeatability, and trust in the sensors. The NIR-Borescope Glass in-furnace thermal imager is based on the industry-standard Cyclops portable infrared pyrometer, which is trusted and found in the majority of glass furnace control rooms around the globe, and in this paper, using case studies, we will show that the thermal images generated are not just pretty pictures but provide significant amounts of calibrated thermal data. Referring to data from a large cross-fired container furnace we will demonstrate how the thermal profile can be measured and optimised to increase furnace throughput. Referring to an end-fired furnace we will show how the data identified a problem with a regenerator. The sensors for Industry 4.0 already exist! Are you ready for Industry 4.0?

Speaker: ​ Shyhhuah Tay, Director of Sales - Asia Pacific (Infrared) at AMETEK Land

Are you ready for Industry 4.0?

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