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Application of advanced sensors in the glass industry

Wednesday 26th February 12:00 - 12:20

The availability of advanced sensors, next to thermocouples, in industrial glass melting furnaces is a prerequisite for further automation in the glass manufacturing industry. These advanced sensors should provide real time, quantitative information about the quality of the glass melt, the position and thickness of the batch and foam layers, the key parameters of the combustion process, the energy flows in the furnace and the status/integrity of the furnace lining (refractories and insulation). In this presentation a survey will be given of available measuring techniques, like in-line chemical analysis of raw materials, redox sensors of the glass melt, laser sensors for combustion gases and batch monitoring cameras. The latest development regarding LIBS technology will be discussed in more depth.

Speaker: Harmen J. Kielstra, Managing Director at CelSian Glass & Solar BV

Application of advanced sensors in the glass industry

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