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All Electric Furnaces – A Real Solution

Tuesday 25th February 12:40 - 13:00

All-electric furnaces, based on cold-top vertical melting (CTVM) technology, are successfully and extensively applied to many types of glass at some scale where composition, regional fuel availability, and/or other local factors favour it. Although highly energy efficient, their wider application to large-scale container glass production has been blocked principally by simple fuel economics. But the world is changing, and quickly. Notwithstanding operational cost, the need today to reduce emissions and move towards CO2 neutral production will not only be driven by legislation but by consumer demand; short-term fuel economics will become irrelevant if a producer fails to meet the environmental expectations of their customers.

CTVM furnaces are currently the only proven technology that offers zero combustive emissions at production capacities, and there seems little doubt that they will have some role in container production of the future. However, successful implementation of the technology requires an appreciation of its associated idiosyncrasies. The need to maintain constant and stable batch coverage, the importance of temperature profile in the melting chamber, how to use convection to separate melting and fining processes in the vertical sense; all these factors play a major role in determining the design geometry, operational characteristics and production flexibility.

As a leading supplier of electric melting technology Fives is engaged in research and development programs aimed at establishing a more complete understanding of the internal processes involved. Through empirical review and CFD modelling; data is being used to both optimise design and performance and to validate extrapolation of design principals to larger furnaces. This paper aims to provide an overview of the work and how from it we can build larger, more energy efficiency and longer lasting furnaces that can meet the expectations of both producers and end-users.

Speaker: Neil Butler, Sales Manager (Asia Pacific) at Fives Stein Limited

All Electric Furnaces – A Real Solution

Speaker: Stephen Sherlock, Sales Director at Fives Stein

All Electric Furnaces – A Real Solution

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