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A new world of glass making!

Tuesday 25th February 10:30 - 11:00

The container glass industry can do 25% better, resulting in glass becoming more competitive and sustainable. Lighter and stronger containers, produced with (almost) zero defects at higher speed with minimum human dependency will be the result.

The paper is about development and application of hot end sensors and robotics. A path forward for a new world of glass making will be proposed; integration of data, creating smart intelligence, closed loop automation and use of robotics are building blocks of the glass forming process in the next decade.

The paper includes arguments for this path forward as well as a step by step approach for any container glass producer to be successful.

With regards to the use of robotics swabbing will be addressed specifically. Swabbing the molds has a great negative impact on the glass quality, is labor intensive and a cause for many defects and section blocks. It will be outlined that with a new lubricant and the use of a special robot the traditional swabbing will be changed removing all negative aspects of mold swabbing.

Besides many advantages the immediate significant economic importance in preform lubrication is that lubrication intervals can be extended by a factor of 5-10 (from one time per 20 minutes to one time per 3 hours), allowing the robot to execute other functions as well.

Interestingly application of this new method of lubrication makes the effect of sensors including closed loop automation and the use of robotics even bigger.

Speaker: Paul Schreuders, CEO at Xpar Vision

A new world of glass making!

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