Parma Controls

Stand B14

Founded in 1992, Parmacontrols operates in the field of control systems for the packaging area of the food, canning, bottling, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors, for the industrial production sectors of metal, glass and plastic packaging and relevant closures.

Thanks to its extensive experience, in recent years, Parmacontrols has gradually become a reference point, not only as the exclusive distributor of major brands synonymous with quality and professionalism all over the world, but also as the manufacturer of a series of products which it has directly developed and engineered.

Accordingly, in 2011, Parmacontrols launched its HiControls line of inspection machines for the canning and bottling sectors. This line was the direct result of Parmacontrols’ desire to offer its customers access to the experience acquired and provide professional and tailor-made solutions.

In 2019, the acquisition of Laboscientifica, a company with forty years’ experience in the field of laboratory instruments, allowed Parmacontrols to launch its own line, LaboMetrology, aimed at providing its customers with an increasingly comprehensive offer.

In October 2021 Parmacontrols has been acquired by the Dylog Italia SpA group through the Dylog HiTech division, a leading company in the non-destructive quality control sector with X-Rays systems.The Dylog Parmacontrols combination places this new team at the top of the world market of control systems for Food & Beverage, with a complete, integrated and absolutely flexible product portfolio to meet the different needs of an extremely diverse market. The company’s mission remains to maintain customer satisfaction over the time by providing cutting-edge technological solutions in the various application aspects of Food Safety and Quality Assurance.

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