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Marposs is a worldwide leader in precision equipment for measurement, inspection and testing in production environment.

Headquartered in Bentivoglio (Italy), is present with its sales and service network in 34 countries.

Production is based in Italy and also in other countries such as China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Mexico and USA.

Marposs has been operating in the Glass Industry for over 20 years, providing products and applications for dimensional and geometric measurement of:

  • Flat/Automotive Glass
  • Glass packaging (for food & beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and perfumery sectors)

Marposs applications for glass containers measurement, on sample basis, include:

  • flexible automatic (VisiQuick) and semi-automatic (VisiQuick mini) solutions, mainly based on optical technology
  • reconfigurable semi-automatic benches, using tactile sensors
  • components and optical sensors (e.g. chromatic confocal sensors)

VisiQuick is a fully flexible and modular gauging machine, including one or more stations for measuring:

  • - External dimensions on body, neck and finish with cameras
  • - Weight
  • - Push-up
  • - Inside diameter and profile
  • - Wall-thickness
  • - Labelling area profile (sinks and bulges)

VisiQuick is available either in stand-alone configuration, or for integration in the production line for sample checking.

VisiQuick mini is a camera based compact semi-automatic gauging bench for external dimensions measurement.

It can be used in the Quality Control Laboratory or close to the manufacturing line, where it can profitably replace all go-no go gauges for external dimensions control.

It can also integrate an optional scale for weight measurement.

More information on Marposs solutions for glass packaging are available on Marposs website

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