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Enertime is the global specialist in industrial waste heat recovery.

To achieve this, we develop high-performance thermodynamic machines such as organic Rankine cycles (ORC), industrial heat pumps (IHP) and natural gas expansion turbines (turboexpanders).

Our organic Rankine cycle (ORC) systems are ideally suited to raw materials processing plants and heavy industries that produce large quantities of waste heat, typically in the order of several megawatts thermal (MWth). These industries include cement, glass, foundries and steelworks, among others.

ORC technology is particularly well suited to industrial waste heat recovery, even from sources with fluctuating heat generation, offering excellent efficiency even at partial loads.

Our machines are robust and efficient, fully automated and require no dedicated operator or qualified technician for regular maintenance.

Our role is to help industrial customers improve their energy efficiency and reduce their electricity costs by using or selling the electricity generated to the grid, while ensuring a sustainable approach with zero greenhouse gas emissions.

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