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Future Glass Forum - Applying Industry 4.0 to the Glass Industry

What is Industry 4.0 and how can it assist the global glass industry in its quest for greater efficiencies?

The Future Glass Forum is a live discussion of the issues surrounding Industry 4.0, 'smart manufacturing' and creating a 'smart factory', including perspectives on Glass Manufacturing and Digitalisation.

This conference is free-to-attend and is applicable to both flat glass and hollow glass production as well as business consultants interested in considerations of business models, IT Infrastructure, energy efficiencies and plant safety and security.

Wednesday 21 March

Afternoon Session

15:00: How the Industrial Revolution 4.0 will Impact the Glass Industry
Gabriel Noboa, Senior Technical Support for Glass Service in the Americas

15:20: Container Glass Forming in 2020/2025: Dark Factory
Job Van De Laar, International Account Manager,Xpar Vision

15:40: Managing the Glass Manufacturing Process
Fabio Galliano, R&D Manager, Bottero

16:00: Increasing Productivity and Quality in a 4.0 Glassplant: Opportunities and Threats
Jean Luc Logel, CEO, Iris Inspection Machines

Thursday 22 March

Afternoon Session

14:30: Industry 4.0, the end of walled gardens as the basis for machines & equipment interactions
Vitaliano Gregori, Regional Product Manager/Americas, BDF Industries

14:50: How to lubricate the glass containers hot process safely & properly? Less is more!
Francois Breye, Managing Director, VDV Lubricants

15:10: How to enhance quality standards and real-time communication in glass containers manufacturing
Eleonora Bordini, Product Manager, Marposs


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