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Thank you to everyone who attended Glassman Europe

Europe’s largest container glass manufacturers attended the Glassman Europe event in Lyon, France in September. With a total trade attendance of 831 and renowned container glass manufacturers such as O-I, Verallia, and Ardagh in attendance, Glassman Europe was deemed a great success. 

The European manufacturers were joined by visitors from glassmaking facilities around the world, including Siam Glass in Thailand, Nihon Yamamura Glass from Japan, Turkey’s Sisecam and Vical from Costa Rica.

Ken Clark, Glassman Sales Director said: “We have had good feedback from our exhibitors who have said it was a successful event.

“We believe that this has been one of the best Glassman Europe’s in recent years thanks to the quality of visitors and the geographical reach of the visitors who attended.

“I’d like to thank all of the exhibitors, visitors, conference speakers and the Lyon regional government who have helped make this such a memorable event.”

Future Glass Forum was well attended with the opening speech delivered by Pascal Huguet,Head of Siemens France Glass branch.
The official opening of Glassman Europe 2017

(left to right) Greg Morris, Editor Glass International, Steve Diprose, Managing Director Quartz Business Media, Philippe Meuiner, vice-president of Region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Ken Clark, Sales Director Glassman Events, Jean-Luc Logel, Iris Inspection Machines.

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